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Gino Pelli

Gino Pelli en Claudia Fagagnini

MODUS HUMANA works by Gino Pelli and Claudia Fagagnini 

Exposition from 15-th september untill 22-th october 2007

Gino Pelli (sculptures) and Claudia Fagagnini (photography) met occasionally  by the preparation of Gino's art catalogus and felt immediately the reciprocal attraction to each others works. Two years ago they decided to make a series of art works. Claudia Fagagnini was inspired by the details of Gino's sculptures and aimed mainly  to express in her photographic work the subjects and sensitivity of the concrete and lead based reliefs. The oversized photo's add colour and emotionalize  the grey images in Pelli's work. Gino Pelli is seriously interested in ethnology, cultural anthropology and the culture of different continents.He is not only interested in their culture but also in their technology, the power of expression and development.  He continues the way of creation of the caveman 30.000 years ago.

Claudia Fagagnini is not only a gifted professional photographer, creative but also an artisitic  innovator working in symbiose withe Gino Pelli.

Themes of the exposed works : children in distress, war, religion, people.

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